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I write about everyday life, productivity, health, business and money. Basically I soak up everything I read, try many things and share here what works and what does not.

Earn passive income with cryptocurrency mining

Ladies and gentlemen, everybody has dreams, but one dream we all share is passive income. Laying back and letting the money work for you. How awesome would it be, if you could just invest money one time and from this point forward you would earn money each month, if...

My current investments and the future

Ladies and gentlemen, today I want to talk about my current investments and my plans for the future. I was already interested in investing and read a lot about it, but I just got started with investing money myself. That is why I feel this is a good moment to tell you...

My first post

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: my first blog post. This is not only the first blog post on this website, but my first blog post ever written. I will split this into an about me and a "what the heck is this blog for?" kind of post. Let's get to the more...

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