Ladies and gentlemen,

I present to you: my first blog post. This is not only the first blog post on this website, but my first blog post ever written.

I will split this into an about me and a “what the heck is this blog for?” kind of post. Let’s get to the more interesting part for you first.

What/who is this blog for?

Give me two sentences on introduction to answer that question. Throughout my life I wasn’t just focussed on one thing, already early on I wanted to become a, let’s say, life master. I wanted to know about how to make much money, how to love myself, how to have a healthy relationship, just overall: how to live a happy life.

That is why there are different categories in this blog. Health, business, everyday life and financials.

Here is a small explanation of every single one:


In the health category I will publish posts about my experiences with nutrition, meditation, sports(yoga, fitness and aerobics) and just my personal correlation between a healthy work / life balance. If you are interested in improving your energy, boosting your sleep and improving your physical appearance, this category is for you.


Besides my job as a full time Salesforce Developer, which as of now pays really good money, I have my own small business with which we do Print products, websites and apps. The split between my own business, a full time job and the experiences by older, more experienced friends about work and freelancing gives me a big inside of the advantages on each of those. In this category I will write about what worked for my business, what worked for my career, what are tips for start ups, etc. Basically if you are interested in everything connected to your career as a full time worker or a freelancer, this category is for you.

Everyday life:

In this category I will mostly write about personal experiences and learning to love yourself. While other categories include basic tips and experiences from my network, this category is completely connected to my own personal life. If you want to know if I got a promotion at work, if that Calm(an App to meditate) subscription paid off or if it is worth to visit *insert an awesome vacation location here*, this category is for you.


Financials is a really critical and also risky topic to write about. There are many different opinions on financials and many people will tell you to just invest in “product X”. What I want to do in this category is to just write about personal investments and their outcomes. I love to play with a mix of save long term investments and more risky, high profitable short term investments. My aim here is to become wealthy. I love the definition of wealth in the book Rich dad, poor dad, which basically said you are wealthy in the moment your assets(your investments) generate enough income to cover your expenses. In another words: You would not have to work anymore to live. If you would like to follow my “road to wealthy”, this category is for you.

As for now, these are the categories I will write about. You can subscribe just to a single category or to multiple at once by filling out this form. If you subscribe to this blog, you will just get one E-Mail per week every Sunday at 1 p.m. with new blog posts:

About me:

In the moment I am writing this post, I am on my vacation and it is 2 a.m. in the morning. I am a 23 year old guy from Hannover, Germany, doing crazy things when other people sleep. This is me:

picture of Frederik Witte

For a living I work as a full time Salesforce Developer, in simple terms, a programmer. In private I have my own business IQ Development, which I share with a good friend and an ex-colleague of mine, who is doing a “double bachelor” as we speak. That’s right, he is getting two bachelors at once in his last term. In this private business I am the developer/marketer/financial guy and my partner is the designer. Every Web design/print design and App design comes out of his hands. I handle the programming of websites, the project management for Apps, the marketing of our own projects and the financials of our company(taxes, net income methods, etc).

Besides my work, I love to make and listen to music. I play guitar and piano, which is no coincidence, as both of my parents are guitar teachers and taught me and my two brothers to play instruments at a young age. Moreover I like to do fitness in my “home made gym”, which basically consists of two barbells, a curl bar and a pull up bar. Doesn’t really sound that much, but with these three bad boys it is easy to do a full body workout. In the morning I am trying to go either for a ABS workout, a jog or a simple yoga routine. After my work I like to meditate to reflect on the day and to get a sweet transition from work to my private life. For meditation I use an App called Calm, which is available on both Play Store and App Store.

Although I am pretty clear about my goals in life, I also love to adapt to my feelings and to the world around me. I want to be financially independent to be able to do what I love, without having to worry about paying rent for the next month. I want to distribute to a better world by giving a part of my earnings to charity or to people around me in need. But what I want the most is just to wake up in the morning and know that I am right where I am supposed to be.