Ladies and gentlemen,

everybody has dreams, but one dream we all share is passive income. Laying back and letting the money work for you.

How awesome would it be, if you could just invest money one time and from this point forward you would earn money each month, if not even every single day.

What is Cryptomining?

Although there are many ways to build your passive income, today I want to talk about crypto currency mining. Crypto mining is essentially very similar to real mining. You setup a computer, install a program and by simply running this program, this computer gets crypto coins as a reward. This concept is called Proof of Work. The bigger the mining farm, the more coins it earns. Here is a good explanation of bitcoin mining, which applies to all blockchain mining as well:

Where can I start?

There are many sites which provide mining for you. One of which is, which is the biggest german mining provider and we all know Germany stands for quality.

On you have several packages and several coins which you can farm. The coins are:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Z-CASH (ZEC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)

If you want to read about which cryptocurrencies you should currently invest in, I suggest you read this post on 10 Top Cryptocurrency Investors Share Their Favorite Long Term Picks. Each of the coins available for mining on are also the top picks by many investors.

I personally mine ETH and DASH on and will get another package to also mine Litecoin. You could ask of course “why not just buy coins?” and the answer is simple. If you buy 1 Dash, you have 1 Dash in your wallet and you won’t get more or less over the time. The thing with mining is, you invest into one package and from that point forward you receive earnings every single day. That means that instead of just having 1 Dash, after a while and depending on the package you have, you get more coins than you would have if you just bought 1.

Earning money through referrals:

Once you have signed up you can also start to refer the platform through your personal referral link to other people as well. If I would go ahead and explain the whole payplan here, this post would be only about the payplan. That is why cryptogold provides the these as a download in english once you have signed up under Tools -> Payplan download.

That being said, the payplan is actually really solid. You earn money every time somebody buys a package and furthermore even if that person rebuys another package. I personally know people who earn their living expensives just through cryptogold referals. It really is a nice way to increase your coin income and you can start earning in the moment you have a 500$ package yourself.

So if you feel like you are good with words and presentations, maybe you are even a salesperson, you should really go ahead and try to refer the platform to people. You can earn a lot of money with just referals and the payplan of is one of the best I have seen.

Registering on

The registration is really simple. If you want to save yourself the registration process, you can just fill out this contact form and I will fill in all information for you. This way I can also help you in any other way if you have any further questions:

13 + 5 =

Instead you can also fill out this form. Afterwards you receive an E-Mail to confirm your E-Mail address and that’s it! Now you just have to choose one of the packages, which range from 50-5000$ and from that point forward you start earning coins every day. One speciality about the packages is if you get the 5000$ package, you get another 3% bonus on your mining earnings.

Buying a package works like this:

  1. Click on “buy pool”
  2. Choose one of the packages(I myself have ETH500 and DASH500)
  3. Scroll to the top and click “You name’s Cart”
  4. Checkout
  5. Now in the top you can either choose “Blocktrail”(paying by Bitcoins) or “Payeer”(paying with credit cards and much more).
  6. Done!

Afterwards make sure to go to your profile under “Member Management” -> “Profile” and set up the wallets where you want to receive coins when you pay out.

If you have any trouble or questions, you can either write a comment or simply E-Mail me via

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Please keep in mind: I am not a financial expert. The topics I am writing about in financials are purely my own predictions and actions and should not be considered as investing advice. If you feel like what I am talking about makes sense though, I advise you to try it out for yourself in small amounts, see how it goes and then only if you are confident in the product: reinvest.

This post contains referral links. I will never use any paid advertisement on my blog. That means that everything I write about is my and only my opinion. Also, the platforms I am referring are sorely platforms I use myself.